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This is a brief bit of background as it relates to my interest and work with art, web and graphic design. For more details regarding my professional experience, education, and technical skill set, please review my resume, or portfolio. Also, if your interested, check out a short video introduction of myself that I recently made.

I've been working with computers and creating art since I was a young child and, as my family had one of the earliest Apple computers and even the original Adobe Photoshop.

While growing up, I was also fortunate enough to be one of the few people at the time with one of the earlier forms of the internet at home with, the then text only, Compuserve.

That perspective engrained me with an continuing interest and subsequent knowledge in technology and digital art. Which eventually led me into the field of web design in 2002.

I'm a Sonoma County native, currently living among the giant redwoods between Occidental and Bodega. I was raised in Bodega Bay and have a deep appreciation for the San Francisco bay area. I very much appreciate our areas creative, intelligent & eclectic population, as well as our techno savvy culture and such beautiful natural surroundings.

I'm an advocate of alternative energy and have been completely off the power grid since 2004. So, even when most peoples power goes out, I've still got electricity and, of course, high speed internet, which I get through sonic.net

Artistic endeavors of which I enjoy include some of the more traditional fine art mediums, such as: drawing, painting, sculpture, and most recently, digital photography. I find a lot of pleasure and inspiration in the amalgamation between art and today's modern technology.

All my life's experiences lend themselves to my personality and style as a designer, and I hope can be of benefit to you on your next web design project. Please contact me here.

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